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    New Special from xAvoPower: 1 GB Space, 10 GB bandwidth.

    Hello all,

    Two have been taken. Only 13 remaining. is proud to submit its second special offer; the "Super Summer Special." Due to the success of our last special; "Double the fun" we have decided to double the amount of available deals, from 8 to 15. But hurry, 8 went in 2 days last time.

    Brief Company information started as a webhost consultant, advising people in need of hosting, of which way to go. Our thinking was always to get them what they needed, not always the cheapest, but we made sure it would get them what they needed. Then in July, 2002, we started our own hosting company, xavopower. And in mid-August we officially opened for business. In only 1 week, we have 17 customers.
    Test-Drive Our service

    Our control panel: Username: demo1 Password: admin

    Our forums to read what our customers have said: (Currently just started the forums, so there are not too many posts.)

    Test-Drive some sites that we host that have given us permission to publically post there links:
    This Special

    Backed by our 150 mbps network.
    1 GB Space
    10 GB Bandwidth {Dedicated true Bandwidth*}
    - CPanel 4.9
    - 99.8 Uptime Guarentee (We've never been down, this stat is for upgrades and maintenance only)
    - 18 hours a day live tech support. 24 hours a day email, and forum tech support.
    - Latest PHP
    - Perl 5.006001
    - Server Side Includes
    - phpMy Admin
    - Frontpage 98/2000/2002(xp) extensions
    - Shopping Cart
    - CGI-BIN
    - Support for PHP, PERL, JAVA, HTML, and other languages.
    - Unlimited Domain Pointers & Add-On Domains.
    - Full FTP Access
    - E-Mail Account Manager for accounts, auto-responders, forwarders, spam killers, and more.
    - Web-Mail, SMTP, and Pop3
    - Password-Protected Directories
    - Daily Backups
    - Web Based Stats
    - File Manager
    - Secure Telnet Access
    - Unmetered E-Mail Accounts* {As well as forwarders, auto-responders etc...)
    - Unmetered MYSQL Databases*
    - Unmetered FTP Accounts*
    - Unmetered Subdomains*

    *Unmetered means you can have as many as you want, without going over your space/bandwidth limits.

    How can we offer unmetered?

    Quite simple, we pay to have the software installed on our server ... MYSQL, E-Mail .... etc... and it costs us nothing more no matter how much we use. So why should it cost you more to have a certain number of them? It shouldn't, so when you go to another web host, ask them why its not Unmetered, the most common excuse is bandwidth resources. Well, we figure that you're going to use it anyway, so why not give the customer as many as he wants, so then he can really get what he paid for.

    *Dedicated Bandwidth = The bandwidth we give you is exactly what we say it is, and whether you use it or not, its always there for you, thats why our bandwidth limits may seem low. Other hosts say they give oyu so much bandwidth, but reality is they only offer it to you because they know you will never use it. Remember that 1 GB Bandwidth = 1000-100000 people per month.
    100 MB Space is $1.50 per month for this special to add-on.
    1 GB Bandwidth is $2.00 per month for this special to add-on.
    (Normal accounts do not charge this much for add-ons.)
    Please contact me for payment info if you want to add-on.
    Overusage policy.
    You will be billed at month's end for any overusage you may encounter. These bills will be the same price as the add-ons above.
    14-Day Money Back Guarentee
    Not happy? Cancel, just email us, we refund you, and you move on. (Currently noone hosted with us has done this.)
    30-Day Partial Money Back-Guarentee
    Still no hassle, no questions, just half of your money back.
    Pay now!

    13 Currently Remaining
    - $10 monthly {Click here to pay through paypal.}
    - $105 yearly {Click here to pay through paypal.}


    As always you will be backed by our great team of support, and technical support representatives. 18 hour a day live tech support. 24 hour a day forum, and email support.


    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Joshua Brown
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    AOL: bbnethelp
    YAHOO: bbnethelp
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 161695933
    Chat Room and HelpDesk Coming Soon
    Forums: Two have been taken. Only 13 remaining.
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    8 *2 = 16

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    i think they get my point. but i am aware what the math is. 16 isnt a round number though.


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