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    Please Help...asap...Mail Problems due to port scanning

    I have a cobalt raq4r that was running fine yesterday. When i arrived this morning i noticed that my port scanning software sent me 150 emails about a possible port scan on port 22. Since this occured sendmail has stopped functioning. The error that i am recievieving is domain of sender address [email protected] does not resolve. Please verify the email address in your account properties. I have looked into the error code 0x00CCC78 and it says this error is caused by a bad recipient field. I have not changed any of my client settings so i see no reason why this should be occuring. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. People are starting to get upset that there mail is not working.

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    Try logging into your Server Admin and click Control Panel then uncheck the email box and then Save Changes then go back up and recheck the email box and save changes again this will restart the mail server. You might also check your parameters while your there and make sure that the email address your getting isnt listed your parameters.
    or manually by
    cd /etc/rc.d/init.d
    ./poprelayd restart
    ./sendmail restart

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