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    new webhosting company requires dedicated server

    Hi all,

    we are already into webhosting offering our services to clients all over. Now we wish to go big and take a dedicated server. Our options are ;

    unlimited domains hosting with control panel for each.
    reseller branding
    atleast 4 ips
    totally managed server
    full 24 hr service
    server monitoring

    and all other standard features required.

    Please suggest a good dedicated server. Our budget is minmum and thats why we are trying to go for RACKSHACK. also send us your comments and review on rackshack.



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    Re: new webhosting company requires dedicated server

    Originally posted by sivvaa
    totally managed server
    server monitoring
    Originally posted by sivvaa

    we are trying to go for RACKSHACK.

    Am I the only one who finds that amusing? Sivvaa, it doesn't sound like you're ready to move on to dedicated servers, at least not until you can afford a fully managed host.

    Btw no offense to RackShack, they aim for a different segment of the market than those services.

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    plz understand


    i know rackshack doesnot offer managed services. what we are looking for is - some good service provider for managed services for rackshack servers..

    if U think we are going for dedi server too early, then suggest a solution

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    You might want to look at I know they deal with rackshack but I don't know how much support or management they offer.
    Tim S

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    If you need a totally managed server, then Rackshack isn't a good choice.

    I assume that Rackspace ( is too expensive..?

    My suggestions would be Venturesonline and Nocster, they both offer good support. You can also try and

    Finding a good and cheap managed server won't be easy though, good luck

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    I know its difficult to find a cheap managed server..

    but combining rackshack with a good managing service...will it work..?

    are anybody using such way...

    Plz let me know..

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    you might as well just look for a managed solution from a solid hosting company.

    i believe both offer quality, inexpensive managed and semi-managed solutions.

    there's no point in cutting costs with a cheap dedicated server then hiring a company to manage it for you.

    now, if you're looking for someone to completely run your business while you just do sales, you'd problably be better off just being a reseller for an established company.

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    i dont believe webreseller is managed i asked them to do a kernel upgrade for me few months back they said they would'nt do it but maybe in the future because they wanted to have a solution where they could do everyones on the same day/time and so that did'nt go over well

    they dont offer much support when it comes to managed.

    i say ask subravo or whatever what kind of managed he includes like kernel upgrades etc.. etc...
    i've only heard good about him.

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    as said before,
    i think nocster would be the perfect solution for you ... they'r in rackshack's pricerange, but all servers are managed!

    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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