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Thread: MCSE Training

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    MCSE Training

    Do the majority of members have their MSCE or MCEP or other?

    If so what is your suggestion in getting trained? Online Courses? Local school? Weekend cram courses?

    Also what is a fair price for this type of education? $20 or $20,000?

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    get the books, (find online pdfs if you can)

    or just get the software and play around with it, eventually you'll know enough that you won't care about certification

    if you're professional in what you do, certification is bs.

    then again, there are those people who think that only certified microsoft administrators should be managing a microsoft network..

    some certifications are hard and dutifuly so, but in my opinion you don't need it. if you want to put that microsoft certified partner logo on your business card and site, then you and one other person in your company do need to get it.

    <edit> don't think that certification will make you great at this stuff, half of it is the desire to learn it for the sake of learning it.

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    getting certification will definitely help you in finding a good job but if you want to learn it for knowledge purpose I suggest take a good computer + good books + time and keep on reading and doing and you will learn fast.

    Ofcourse, MCSE is a professional certificate and is based on practical bases for managing a Microsoft network so it will give you very good knowledge and understanding of overall Microsoft networks and NT operating system and thus provide proof to others that you are qualified for the job they are depending on you.

    IMO, go for certification.

    Also I don't think many members have such certificates but many of them are good knowledgeable geeks ready to bust anyone's ass if there box is attacked
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    The for dummies book's are good for the microsoft exams.

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    I got my MCSE just reading books and take tests. Do not fail it costs fortune. Trainning class sort of useless. There are not many good instructors who can teach. You can find lots of information on the net. I spent around $400 on books and materials.

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    I got my MCSE in NT and upgraded to 2k. I don't think it's really ever helped me get a job. There is so many MCSE's out there that have NO idea what they are doing that I think they have put a bad taste in companies mouths. I think it comes more down to your track record with other companies.

    Also, I used a combo of books and classes. It all depends on how you like to learn. If you aren't self motivated enough then you should take classes (because that 10 -15k bill you get will definetly motivate you).

    Another thing, I am now a Linux System Administrator for a hosting company. It doesn't do me any good here. :-)

    Just my 2cents.

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    I have an MCSE and MCDBA of which neither has helped find a job or increase pay.

    I took classes, read books online, read books and studied the transender sample tests for reasons for their answers instead of remembering the actual answers. Total about $900.

    It would also help to setup a 2 computer lab for playing with the software.
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    I got my MCSE a few years ago and it definately helped me get my first job. Here in the UK, there are not so many MCSEs about. Experience always counts for a lot more than certificates in the end though.

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    I only have my MCSA which is somewhat new it's only 3 tests as opposed to the 7(?) with MCSE.. I was doing support work at my job and they were looking for an admin and decideed to send me to some classes(already knew nt 4.0 inside and out) at new horizons and got it.. pretty easy if you ask me.. next stop is CCNA wish me luck..

    btw: I liked the classes because the MCP who teaches you has already taken the test so they know a little bit more about what you will get asked on the test.. another suggestion find a company that pays for training to work for.

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    You can learn it online or go to a institute in your reach. A good guide surely helps in clearing the concepts.

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    Originally posted by Paul_9cy
    The for dummies book's are good for the microsoft exams.
    ? i didn't know "for dummies" have active directory admin books.
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    You can do it yourself, got my mcse for about $1000 reading books, transcenders and playing with a couple of machines. Did take a course at a community college for the tcp/ip section. That was about 225 for the course.

    Depends on what you are going to do will determine if it's worth it or not.

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