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    Proffesional Template, MUST GO

    Well, this will be the final time it is offered (i hope ) . I am offering it for an unheard of $50, down from the initial $150. I wouldnt normally sell something so cheap, but I just hate to see it not being used.

    Included is a psd file... and an optional sliced html.

    PM me or email me if interested, I am looking to move fast, school starts in 3 days and Im strapped!


    BTW those of you who are waiting for me to post this again at a lower price, this is the last time its being offered. I just cant let it go any cheaper.

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    hmm looks too much like another site.. because of the same stock photography/art

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    I've seen this so much lately, is there more than one of you selling it or something?
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    yeah, seen something similar .. still not bad for $50 ..

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    well thanx for bursting my bubbles guys. I had the design critiqued by people and the value was estimated @ 150.

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    Originally posted by dreamHOBO
    doesnt really seem unheard of...i doubt its worth $150. $50 seems to be a good price, though.
    hmm.. well I doubt that YOU'RE worth $150, $50 seems to be a good price though. you're in no position to judge other people's work, if you don't like the price, then keep it to yourself and move on. You don't go to the supermarket and say, "hm.. I doubt your cheese is worth $20, although $5 seems like a good price for it." And then the store owner would say, "hmm.. I doubt you belong here, outside of my store would be a good place for you.."

    I myself say it's worth $150. Although the graphics on the top right does seem weird. It'd be a good template for a telecommunications website or some thing of the sort though.

    Just because someone isn't a famous designer working for a big-shot company, doesn't mean you go and deduct their work prices. Some people earn thousands for simple websites that aren't even as good as this. That is because people CHOOSE to pay for them. If you don't CHOOSE to buy this template for $150 or $50, then CHOOSE to move on.

    Since you CHOSE to say, "I don't think its worth blah blah" you've CHOSEN to be disrespectful.

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    and you obviuosly chose to be disrespectful yourself...
    imho i think that was uncalled for
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    It is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It is a nice design and if you don't sell it here, try elsewhere. Simple as that. If I had a use for it, I'd buy it, but I don't. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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