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    Incorporating In Connecticut?

    Any clue as to the cost to incorporate a company in Connecticut? and would it be expensive? as ive heard about 600 - 800 dollars range to incorporate in other states.

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    kimaster, take a look at to get an idea of costs from state to state. Also, even if you are not trying to do the Nevada thing, take a look at because they have a lot of information that is valid in many situations- kind of makes one think more carefully. Take a look at those and let me know what you think!
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    Hmmmm, here's something curious. At what point do you have to incorporate? I mean, if I rent a box somewhere and get a friend to go in on it with me he's not techincally a customer, and there's no profit made.

    Now, what if I find 50 friends to go in on it with me? Anyone read up on the laws on this?

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