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    I am looking for a few semi-high traffic sites to host on our servers in exchange for assistance in building up our community portal. In other words, if you maintain a site which has a large user base, and would be willing to use our forums, chat rooms, etc, I would be willing to either host you site for free or at a substantial discount.

    Basically, we own a large and popular search engine and just opened up our community section (forums, chat rooms, free email services, etc). The problem, at the moment, is that we need to get people registered with our community (registration is free) and get people to start using the forums chat rooms and photo posting sections. We would setup a special forum for you to use in which you would moderate and administer. You would merely link to your forum, chat room, group, etc from your site.
    In order for your users/visitors to use the forums, etc, they would need to signup for a free account with us. We also offer an affiliate program to where you can earn money by placing our search box on your site and get paid whenever anyone searches the internet from your site.

    Anyhow, if you are interested, please contact me.
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