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    Question The Cobalt Forum

    Is the cobalt forum ever viewed on here any more? like i was wondering because i saw someone post some urgant thing in there but like no one has viewed it or antyhing or replied. Ive noticed this alot. Do anyone still use that forum? Let me know if people acually use it or not lol because i think its often dead as a doornail....

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    I still do visit it once in a while and yes, pretty much so because I just got myself a RaQ 4. True, that it is less visited since most queries may not relate specifically to the RaQ. You can still find answers to most of the things from the other forums.

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    I think we should make an "other topics" category and put the cobalt, php, asp, and programming forums in it

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    The cobalt forum is much less active then it used to be, mostly I would guess because so many rackshack clients used to use cobalt raqs and now use white boxes.
    However, the diehards still remain .
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