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    Cpanel - Web Mail Question [ NeoMail/ Uebimiau ]

    Hi guysssssssss,

    I've gotta question regardin cpanel web mail.

    As long as I know we can access the webmail through . But it redirects you to a page which you can choose whether to login with NeoMail or Uebimiau .

    By any chance, can we make it a way that straight away it uses NeoMail or Uebimiau instead of going that page ?

    thanks in advanceeee for your helps.

    Shaggie Shoog... Lets Shag 2niteeee

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    i tried ueibmau and neomail and those two did not get along at all. constant battles and the hosting company i was using finally disconnect ueibmau since it was an experiment to see if i could get webmail on port 80.

    i learned that with ain't gonna happen unless you remap your ports.
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    I've heard a lot of bad things about Ueibmau, too.

    In fact, about 6 months ago we took it off all of the servers so our customers only have the option of using NeoMail, which seems to work fine.

    You might research Ueibmau a bit more and follow up on it.

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    Re: Cpanel - Web Mail Question [ NeoMail/ Uebimiau ]

    Originally posted by Total Newbie
    Shaggie Shoog... Lets Shag 2niteeee

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