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    email hosting

    i'm thinking of do some email hosting for small companies.... is reseller account allow me to do that?

    For example , i want to do a 10 email account thing, so i create 10 users and all of them are able to get their mail using webmail interface.

    Can it be done? coz in this case i no need a fast server or bandwidth, just need lots of space...

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    yeah u can do it...

    get reseller account from any reliable source.
    with CPanel u can even give them only email control panel so that they create users their own and manage it

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    wow... thanks alot :-)
    for 10 users email hosting can i just create one user account, then this account will manage the rest of the 9 account through CPanel?

    Is that the quality of web host provider is not so important in this case??

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