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    Virtual Dedicated Hosting...your suggestions

    Looking for a reliable VDS host. Who should I go with? I'm afraid of going with a server that is unreliable or goes out of business. I run a website company and want to be able to manage all of our sites from one server. One of the sites has the potential of using 1G in a MySQL database.

    - 4G+ HD space
    - 50G+ data transfer
    - unlimited domains
    - unlimited databases
    - server side backups
    - ability to install server applications (root access)
    - money back guarantee
    - historically good uptime
    - 24/7 Support
    - located in US or Canada
    - less than $60/month

    Wouldn't mind if it gave me my own name servers.

    Here's who I've found so far...

    I believe that a couple of these are not not VDS.

    Also, do you have to be a reseller to use a reseller plan?

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    although i am not sure, i would seem like no host would inforce it on you to be a reseller to use reseller plans, but you may not want to go with one because of the bonus features you get that would just be used for reselling... they may put the price up rather than a large standard plan.

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    if you are looking for a reliable provider, i'd recommend - a little higher in the pricing but reliability is great. For the features you're looking for and at the price you're looking at, reliability will be scarce.

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