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    Site designs for Gaming Network needed!

    Hello there

    I am the founder of the Total Gamer Network which reaches over 600,000 Unique visitors a month and 3Million page views a month!

    Our current webdesigner has too much work to be able to do free work for us, therefore I am looking for a webdesigner who will design 2 sites for our network.

    These sites are based on the game's Deus Ex and Iron Storm. You must be able to design as well as sites currently in use on the network ( if not better.

    I am willing to give the following in exchange for work. (Not all)

    - Cash (Negotiable)
    - Free advertisments
    - "Designed By ...." on bottom of the page

    All offers to be sent to [email protected] please. No PM's.
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    name ur price, and i will get on it asap!

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    I added you to ICQ, prefer to use that to get closer to clients.
    I play online games and alot of the ones you cover so that could be useful.
    ICQ me when you have time.

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