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    Please review our site and make some comments. If there are pop-ups, don't worry they will disappear this week.

    Thanks for your comments:

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    good site, but i dont like the backgroup
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    It's really a simple site with easy to use navigation which is an obvious plus. However I do not care for the background like RackFive mentioned. But it's a good start.

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    Yep, loose the BG. You need to come up with a better header and a footer to go with it.

    It was sort of confusing as their was no real direction on where I should go. All it is is a bunch of flags and words. Are those mirror sites or country leagues. You need to make it clear to visitors on the direction so they know where they want to go instead of getting lost.

    I went into the first link (since that's the only one I understood) then saw even more flags with little direction, but went into the english premiership.

    Now the site has a totally different look. I wondered if I was in the same site or not. You need to keep all of the pages uniformed. Come up with four areas when you design the layout. Header, menu, body and footer. The color choice clashes big time.

    It looks very amateurish/unprofessional the way it is now. I would suggest looking around at other sites and maybe get some ideas. Don't just look anywhere, look around WHT as most of the members have clean and professional looking sites. Look at other sport sites too.

    Sorry if I seem harsh, but I am also a soccer fan. When I first entered your site I knew what all the flags and links were, but I explained it (above) as someone who didn't know much about soccer who was trying to navigate through the site. You have a great idea, with some hard work you could have a very nice and informative site.

    I'd like to see it when you have all the content and design done.

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    The fonts look too big.

    Align the fonts alongwith the flags.

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