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    Looking for NEW SITE DESIGN ASAP!!!

    Well basically im looking for a very very attractive website design for my new hosting company. I have around 50 bucks to spend on the design (50 bucks on the design itself as well as customization). Web Designers.. Please post links to any pre-made templates, new/old designs, etc.. Thank you. Im looking to buy something today. Or if youd rather work with me to create something of my likeing please Instant Message me on AIM at Romeo77718 or on yahoo! messenger at Punisher666_99

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    Hi kimaster,

    You can have this for a WHT special price of only $35!!

    The design will come with:

    - The original Fireworks PNG files.

    - Free help in design and customization of sub-pages!

    - Free Flash/Swish banner or intro where the current large white text is based if you would like one!

    - Full support (including slicing the file and converting to HTML).

    - Free help with design changes (if you don't like the logo, or want to use different images we will change things for you).

    - 3 month guaranteed support!! So even within the next 3 months if you need any help or want to change things around on the site we will help you free of charge!

    - Fully customisable - we will change colours, or fonts, or positions of images for free.

    Alternatively we can design you a 100% unique custom design with flash for only $60, for more information please check here:

    If you are interested please email me: [email protected]
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    for $50 you can HST005 or HST002 on this page:
    Banner Design - Professional Designs - 24hr Turn-Around Guaranteed -

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    I have some templates you might be interested in:

    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    Hey ki,

    Good to see you getting some nice offers and I think we can all agree that we appreciate you posting your job here.

    Here's my most recent template:


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    Hey check this one out, for $50 -


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    lmao, only 50$?

    some people will work for anything.. sad

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    50.00 for a template maby..... I used to sell templates for 20.00 a while ago. For a custom designed site.... it should be a lot more than that lol.

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    I used to think the same thing until(not saying anything about anyone posting in this thread, just in general) i seen that half of the templates for sale are usually templates that are sold for 15-25 elsewhere...

    Then they slightly alter, change texts a bit, maybe the image and sale for 100+

    Ive had so many templates offered to me that ive seen all around the web for half price...

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