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    Selling Company - Give Offers

    We are asking for your offer for the following:

    Cisco 2620 Router with dual WIC's, single Fast Ethernet
    Cisco Catalyst 24 port 2920 Switch
    6 4U Servers (1 700Mhz, 4 900Mhz, 1 1.2Ghz, all with at LEAST 512 RAM, 2 with 1GB, all AMD T-bird or Duron)
    1 Cobalt RAQ4 standard
    1 Cobalt RAQ4i
    1 Cobalt RAQ3 standard
    4 Cobalt RAQ2's (various RAM and HD Configs)
    Restore CD's for all of the Cobalts
    1 Omniview Belkin 6 port Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse switch w/cables
    2 3Com 12 Port Hubs
    1 Compaq V50 Monitor
    1 HP 5Si Network Laser Printer

    We also have a client base that we would want to sell off along with this, but the offer for the equipment superceeds the offer for the client base, as the only reason to sell the client base is to give them all a good home. There is only about $2000 a month in billing through our database that would continue forward with a new company.

    Please either PM any questions/offers and a non-disclosure as to who we are and where we are will be offered upon further information requested, or offer taken forward. Thank you.

    BTW - We are looking to make a quick sale because of the owner and personal issues that are going on and can not continue forward with running the business.

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    Re: Selling Company - Give Offers

    Originally posted by got2gonow

    Cisco Catalyst 24 port 2920 Switch
    You mean 2924? Is that enterprise or just standard?
    (XL-EN or just XL?)

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