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    * Listed in the DMOZ for ONLY $20 per day??? (spam)

    Got a great spam message today. This site is using a DMOZ directory as their site.

    The way it reads to me, I can 'renew' my listing with "them" for only $20 per day. I guess if I pay them $20 per day, they will submit my site to the DMOZ for me. Oh boy!

    Anyone else get this thing?

    The SPAM message:

    Could you please be so kind as to click renew to continue listing your website in the
    directory by Sunday, September 1, if you donít mind:

    There is a submit form here, which I haven't copied, that lists my site info and has buttons to either Renew, Edit or Remove my site from their listing. Under the Renew button it states: *TopSites only costs $20 a day (invoiced monthly)
    ***** lists the top three million websites in the world. Only gives you:

    Massive Reach: We display our listings billions of times a year. We guarantee to show your listing more than 10 million times a year.

    Cost-Effectiveness: Your listing costs less than 75-cents per thousand impressions. That is the least expensive advertising you will ever buy. You want to bring lots of potential customers to your site in a cost-effective way. does exactly that!

    Highly Targeted Leads: reaches customers when they are searching for what you are selling. That means high sales and low costs. More visitors become customers!

    Highest Return on Investment: Independent research confirms that you get the highest ROI from online listings like E-mail, banners and other forms of online advertising all have a lower ROI. And unlike direct mail, you pay nothing for mailing lists, printing or postage. No media buy returns better results than

    No-Risk: Cancel your listing any time for any reason and weíll refund the rest of your money--no questions asked!

    Hassle-Free: You can change your listing anytime or even move it to a different category--for free--and your changes will instantly appear in the directory

    People often ask, how can you guarantee to show my listing 10 million times? What if I am in an
    unpopular category? It doesnít matter! Why? We continually flash renewed listings on our usersí PCs 24
    hours a day, seven days a week--even when they are offline! That lets us display listings 42 million times in an hour. Thatís why we can guarantee to show your listing 10 million times a year.

    Thatís not all. Every time one of our users searches for florists (for example) at any search engine (even Yahoo, AOL, MSN), they will see a list of TopSites.usí florists. Even if they search for florists at another floristsí site, they will see TopSites.usí florists. And if they click on any hyperlink on any website in the world containing the word florists, again they will see TopSites florists. How? It is all because of
    TopSites.usí patent-pending AutoSearch tool. Want to see this marketing magic for yourself? Just click download. Once you have paid for your renewal, your site will appear there too.

    Thereís more! We have an opt-in email list of users. Once a year we will promote your website to them.

    All these marketing services are included in your $20 a day subscription.

    "TopSites is the least expensive way Iíve found to bring buyers to my site. Iíve tried other online advertising companies and you beat everyone!"
    --P.A., President, Go Software (

    "TopSites makes my online marketing easy. I can change my message 24 hours a day so itís always up-to-date. And everyone who sees it is a pre-qualified prospect."
    --N.B., CEO, My News (

    Our editors choose you as one of the top websites in your category without charge. But if your listing expires, you may need to pay a $300 editorial review fee to get listed again. It can take two months for our editors to authorize a listing. And they may not re-list you if there are too many listings in your category.

    For more information about your listing:

    See who else is listed in your category.
    Find out more about our 10 million guarantee.
    See what people are saying about
    Questions? Anything not clear? See questions & answers.

    Thereís no need to reply to this email. But if you have any questions, please let me know. Iíll be happy
    to help in anyway I can.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Thomas
    Customer Service
    TopSites LLC
    1300 Evans Ave., Box 7334 - 101591, San Francisco, CA 94120-7334
    Fax (408) 907-9591
    ttp:// (formerly

    Donít want any more reminder notices? Simply click remove.

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    I got that one today as well. Got a laugh out of it for sure. I'm sure everyone will be happy to cough up 7 grand per year to a company that has to resort to that sort of thing for business.

    I don't know if it's just me, but the amount of spam that's been coming in lately is truly astounding.
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    lol how sad...

    people these days.

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    One for me too

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    I love how they try to make it look like a good deal
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    I'm wondering what happens if you click the 'Remove' button.

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    Re: Listed in the DMOZ for ONLY $20 per day??? (spam)

    Originally posted by Hiccups
    The way it reads to me, I can 'renew' my listing with "them" for only $20 per day. I guess if I pay them $20 per day, they will submit my site to the DMOZ for me.
    Nah, they won't even do that. They get the free database feed from dmoz to create their own copy of that directory, then charge you to keep your listing there -- in their copy, not on dmoz itself.

    I don't know what that bs about "flashing" the listings on their users' pc "even when they are not online" is about... but there are lot of these scammers that are passing off their dmoz clones as worthwhile directories and charging for inclusion. I'd recommend steering clear of any of them.
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    That's even worse. Because they describe all the millions of views you will get all over the place blah blah blah, which is not going to come from just THEM.

    I agree, stay clear of this or any place like it.

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    What company would pay $20 a day to stay on a list? Search-engines can be free.
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    can be free
    Most are and give great results with the right optimisation of your content

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    For just $20 per month, your link can be listed on "Gordo's Community Page".

    How do I do it so cheaply? I've discovered the number of clicks is the same whether I publish or not, so I've cut out the middleman.
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    ask them if can add my site to yahoo main page for $20/day
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    btw, the form to add sites dont work
    make this error:
    Error Diagnostic Information

    An error occurred while evaluating the expression:

    Error near line 6, column 8

    why if people pay $20/day, they cant pay good programmers?
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    Gordo - ONLY $20 per MONTH? That is a true bargain!

    Do your forms work?

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