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    Templates And Domains

    We here at Free-Scape are selling a few templates and designs.

    Both designs were created by our team.
    <PixelHosting is not related to the actualy PixelHosting, please forgive the name commonality.>

    We are also selling:

    Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

    Please send offers through my partner, dreamHOBO, as he handles those things. You can contact him at [email protected] or AIM: dreamHOBO. Thank You,

    Tim Buttersfield

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    umm, they arent so bad

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    I created design 3, HOBO created 1.

    Mine is good, I don't know about HOBO's though... :C

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    Are you two playing good cop/bad cop?

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    I am confused. Your trying to sell designs. And you are saying they aren't so good. LOL New Marketing Stradegy?

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    I don't think design one is bad, it looks like it could use some finishing touches though.

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    design 1 needs more content / graphics

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