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Thread: Mandrake ...?

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    Mandrake ...?

    I am running a p-4 , with win xp as the O/S .

    When i try to install mandrake 8.2 the install , stalls at the partitioning .

    How long should this take place before the drakx util comes up. just to make sure that its not hanging and i am just not giving it enough time.

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    Maybe you could try and partition the drive with Partition Magic first then try and install Mandrake...

    I have had troubles with RedHat stoping while creating partitions but never Mandrake.
    Cory Cone

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    Are you trying dual boot with win XP? If not, remove win XP completely from your system before installing Mandrake. I just intalled Mandrake 8.2 on my somewhat old computer that was low on most everything, and it worked like a charm when I did it the second time, in low reolution gui. Had to reboot manually but that was it.

    I know from experience that XP kidnappes the system completely so it's VERY hard do get rid of. I have a boot diskett that kan do it, if you need help. Found it on the net somewhere but dodn't remember where so I can zip it for you if you like.
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