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    Question Looking for threaded BBS output script...

    I have a client that is using Matt Wright's cgi script to power his Forum. We are doing a site makeover and I am looking to replace that script with another one but that retains the look of a threaded Forum similar to his existing format (he's adamant about that) The existing forum can be found at An acceptable format example can be found at

    Does anyone have a suggested script to accomplish this? (Script needs to run on *nix not windoze server.) Of course ideally he'd like to be able to convert the existing posts to the new board so as not to lose momentum (there are about 5000 posts this year so far), but that's another problem. Thanks.

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    I use WebBBS for a site I run. It is similar to what your client is running, but a bit more modern. It is CGI based, so it can consume a bit of server resources if it is a busy board.

    I have been using it since 1999, a very stable board. Good support forum too. Not all of the bells and whistles of the newer php forums, but can still be tweaked a fair bit.

    here is the WebBBS site:
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