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    crystaltech hosting

    anybody ever user or heard of

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    I had an account with them before. I canceled the account because I didn't need it anymore and not because of discontent.

    IMHO, Crystaltech is probably one of the better companies that offer Windows hosting. They offer a lot, but you pay for it.

    You can find cheaper Windows host, but probably not ones that have been around as long and offer as much.

    Just my $.02.
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    Compared to my current serivce they offer more and is about 20 bucks cheeper.
    i think i will be signing up with them in a few weeks.
    i also have not found anyone that has had a bad experience with them.
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    Excellent Host. A friend of mine used to host a huge community website with them. As for as I know, his site was only down in a 8th months period for a reboot (no more then 3 mins). He used them for more then 2 years and was highly impressed with them

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    They are well liked by Dreamweaver and Cold Fusion developers.
    If I ever build a mission critical Cold Fusion site this is where it will be hosted.
    But for a basic marketing site for a small local business
    there are many very good unix,PHP,MySql hosts to be found
    right here at WHT.


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    Crystaltech is a very good company. Support is very good and uptime very high. The managers (Tim) can be easily contacted if anything is going wrong.

    The best: send an email late at night to support, you got an answer in 10 minutes and if it was related to a problem it's solved.
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    I've used CrystalTech for almost three years and couldn't be happier. Excellent lines of communications between the company and their users.

    I think the secret of their success is that they host a forum for all their customers to talk among themselves. I get great, great help from the other CrystalTech customers, and I think having all their customers in touch with each other keep CrystalTech honest.

    I very highly recommend CrystalTech -- you won't be disappointed.


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    CrystalTech is the 4th largest windows host in the world.

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