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    Totalnic / Capital Networks Under Investigation

    Many customers of the domain registrar Capital Netorks aka Totalnic ( have complained of poor customer service regarding this company.

    In November of 2001, their system actually had a problem for one or more days causing many of their customers websites to be inaccessible because their domains could not be resolved in the root domain name servers.

    Since then, many customers have requested to be transfered to other registrars and for many of them, this has turned out to be a nightmare. Capital Networks has been inconsistent and sometimes unresponsive as to the requirements for transferring domains to other registrars. Their policy involves mailing notarized copies of photo ID's, letter of authorization, and articles of incorporation or partnership agreements to a Post Office box via standard air mail so that there is no way to prove if and when they received the documents. They require this in the name of 'security' - and this is a registrar who's system allows anyone with the login ID and password to change the registered owner of domain without any documentation whatsoever! Go figure.

    Trying to reach their business office in Australia is virtually impossible indefinite wait exceeding one hour. Their technical operations are in Golden, Colorado (strange to be split like this in two countries).

    Although ICANN's limited technical mission does not include resolving individual customer-service complaints, ICANN does monitor such complaints to discern trends. If you would like to submit a complaint about a registrar for ICANN's records, please send an email to [email protected].

    More importantly, as a result of multiple complaints, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has opened a case about them. They are now seeking to receive statements from registrants, setting out their experience with TotalNIC and in particular setting out their efforts to have notarised documents sent to the company here in Australia.

    If you have had problems with this registrar, please send information to:

    Libby Darwin
    [email protected]
    Assistant Director - Qld
    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

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    had a domain with them long time ago... I am lucky I did transfer it away a year ago or so. ps. customer support was zero back then

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