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    Nuke, OScommerce, 4images, installed $9.95US
    100mb disk space
    1gb bandwidth

    One Click Install PHPBB Forum
    One Click Install PHP Links
    One Click Install PHP project
    One Click Install PHPNuke
    One Click Install PostNuke
    One Click Install OSCommerce
    One Click Install 4image Gallery
    One Click Install PHP Auction

    SQL DB's: unlimited
    Email Accounts: unlimited
    Mailing Lists: unlimited
    Auto Resp: unlimited
    WebMail Acess
    Anonymous FTP
    Subdomains: 5
    FrontPage Extensions
    Control Panel: CPanel 4
    Raw Logs
    Web Stats
    PHP 4.2.1
    Perl 5
    CGI Wrap
    Cron Jobs
    Custom error pages

    Netstar's servers are located in one of
    the largest and most fault tolerant
    networks in the United States.
    Our connections to Internet backbones
    are maintained at redundant data centers
    located in NJ and NYC, connecting directly
    to most of the major networks including Sprint,
    Earthlink, UUNET, Genuity, Level 3, PSI, Digex,
    AOL, and many others.

    15 day money back guarantee. 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    Support via email, phone, and multimedia.
    PayPal verified
    Contact [email protected]

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    Funny your link links to where that exact same deal costs $6,95 . The features you posted here are in the exact same order as that site too....

    On however I don't see anything similar to what you posted here... Oh.. your email adress looks weird too ... (

    Please explain

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    Same company

    Sorry same company netstar is the parent company of 1goodhost
    they have a summer special 6.95 we will honor there promo
    sent memo to webmaster to check before he post any more info on installer...thanks for the heads up.

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