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    Question Domain Registrar wo/DNS

    I've been reading searching posts and can't find something on this. 'Everyone' it seems is asking about domain registrars that will manage DNS services for you. Plus they all seem to offer web-forwarding, email forwarding and more.

    I'm after the opposite, I have 2 nameserver.
    What I'm looking for is a no frills registrar that will just allow me to register a name and use my nameservers for the domain. Are there any out there? Or do all registrars allow for this service?


    P.S. Sorry if this is off topic/wrong forum, my 1st post

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    Well seems to me that most registrars allow you to use your own nameserver, just very few seem to include anything on it in there FAQs or information on their web sites.
    See answered my own question. That mean it was too dumb to be worth an answer from the rest of the community? I wonder?

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    All do - some even let you make your own name servers the default for any new domain you buy.

    Not dumb, just impatiant

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    A bit impatient aren't we ThomasB?

    You can always use your own nameservers on your own domain, however before you can use them, you have to have a domain registered and you need to create the nameserver for your domain. Sort of a catch-22, since most domain registrars will require you to at least use a nameserver when you register.

    The good thing is you don't have to actually use the nameservers that you define for your domain when you initially register.

    We supply a valid, default nameserver for anyone who does not wish to enter a valid nameserver when they register their domain. We do NOT create any DNS records for them however, so it's simply a valid nameserver and not an active nameserver for their domain.

    Once you have a domain name, then you can create nameservers based on your domain (you need the IP addresses for these nameservers) and then you can change your domain to use your nameservers.

    Any decent registrar will allow you to do this all by yourself using the Domain Management control panel. Some will require you to send email or otherwise communicate your desires to do these things. Stay clear of them.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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