I have posted previously on these forums against Chad Abizeid and his company Virtuoso Net Solutions (see post here). I visited the Virtuoso Net Solutions website and found the following message on it:

Virtuoso Net Solutions has been purchased by LogicWeb as of December 2007 (found at www.logicweb.com)
At first, I thought, "Wow! Someone bought the business and now his customers will get quality customer service." But, then my investigative side kicked in. The domain logicweb.com is owned by Chad. Below is the WHOIS query:

Abizeid, Chad [email protected]
30 Jericho Tpke
Commack, New York 11725
United States

Then, to make sure this just wasn't a delay in LogicWeb changing the WHOIS information, I checked out the company with the New York Division of Corporations. The following information is listed for LogicWeb:


Here are direct links to the corporate information for Virtuoso Net Solutions (here) and LogicWeb (here).

That's the same address as Chad's address that was listed for Virtuoso Net Solutions. It seems to me that Chad had finally gotten it through his thick skull that he has a bad rep. So, he has fabricated this alleged sale to make it seem like some other company has bought him out.

If this were simply a case of LogicWeb (i.e. if it were a separate business entity) buying out Chad's business, then why is his information listed in the corporate database for LogicWeb?

Another clear example of a snake in the grass.