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    who's using hostcharge?

    i just sent a ticket to requesting a refund, i signed up on 30 / 7, today is 26 / 08, so im still qualify for a refund right? they do have the 30 day money back label on their site.

    so if my refund is successful (what should i do if they deny?)

    im considering getting on, and i need to know how hostcharge is like.

    how easy is it / or is it possible to customize your order page?

    please provide some comparison / pro & cons of hostcharge and 2 checkout.

    thanks for any help you can provide.
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    it`s hard to say hostcharge are launching a new system in sept which is supposed to be far superior to the one they have now.
    At the moment you can`t customise the secure order page but it does have your logo on the form and does not mention hostcharge or have any banner ads etc
    if you want to see it in action go here
    you should go to their forums for any info you need and talk to asher
    I use them and i am pretty happy with them ,they had a few problems at the start but everything has been fine since.Plus asher is very helpful.

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