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    im running webalizer 2.1, apache with some vhosts, redhat, and all the other little goodies... one of my vhosts gets alot of traffic, and it manages to get the access log to about 20megs a day, and running webalizer, once the logfile reaches around 20megs, webalizer wont output anymore info, and says i have 157,000 some odd hits... and then i have to clean out the log for it to update it anymore... thing is, once i clear everything out off the log, its gone, (surprise), is there anything i can do to correct this?

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    Incremental yse

    You might try configuring webalizer (webalizer.conf) for

    Incremental yes

    which will cause it to keep history in a history file (the default is webalizer.current).

    You should then be able to rotate the access_logs frequently enough to prevent this problem - even daily if need be.

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