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    HELP!! / Need some understanding about webhosts and moving domain names.

    Hello All!

    I do not want to move my domain names from the provider who I registered them with initially.

    I have been very pleased with their service.

    I have just bought my first pay site. I am a bit confused about the issue of transferring the domain names to the web hosting service. So far I just pointed the name to a free web hosting service. Of course once there, site visitors know the address is different from the domain name.

    Is there a way to have the web site I just bought use the domain name I own without moving it from the folks I registered it with?

    If I do move them to the web hosting service, do I have to register the names with them from now on or can I continue to register them with NameCheap?

    What does it mean to "PARK" a domain?

    Any and all input and insight appreciated.

    Webbing Along!!!

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    'PARK' means that you place the domain name on hold while you decide where you want to host your site.

    Yes, when you sign up with a web host, you will be asked what domain name you want to use. You can use the one you registered for. They would provide you with the DNS Servers info which you make the necessary changes with NameCheap. Within 24 to 72 hours, the domain name would point to the new site.

    There is actually two parts to this Domain Name thing. First you purchase a domain name from a Domain Name registrar such as NameCheap. This is where you make changes as to where your web host DNS servers are.

    The Web host would contain a 'translation table' on their system which would translate your domain name to where they store your web sites on their host.

    Domain names are very portable and if you decide to move to a new web host, you can just make the DNS servers change and it will point to the new place.

    Have fun. If you have any specific questions, you could always contact your new web host which would may do the transfer for you (for a fee). - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    there is something I would do to minimize downtime when moving a website to a new host.

    In many cases you can upload your website to your new host only after you have changed the DNS with your registrar and this change has taken effect, i.e. it has propagated through the internet. Only then you can connect to
    In the meantime others might be connected to the new host, but you have uploaded nothing yet, which looks bad at best.

    In fact almost always your webspace is available as soon as your account is set up. A good host tells you which server your account is on, i.e. they give you the IP address of the server. If not, just ask them, there is no reason why they should not tell you. Then you can temporarily ftp to that IP address with the username and password you were given and upload your site even before or while you change the DNS at your registrar.

    If you do so, your site exists at two locations and no matter what host visitors are sent to during that period of transition, they always see your site.
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    you should have access to a control panel of some kind at the domain registrar? (namecheap). Within it there should be an area that mentions nameservers, or DNS.

    You'll see something like:

    or something fairly similar to that. Contact your new hosting service and ask what they want you to use for namesevers, then replace the ones listed at your domain registrar with the ones from the hosting company.

    That's about it, if they use a customer accessible control panel. In a day ro so your domain name should start to point to your new host. They'll take care of having that name point to your actual account.

    Like most things in life, domain transfer only hurts the first time and it gets easier the more you do it, though if you're lucky your first will be the one you're with forever.

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