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    * Need help about adding Email to a site or not.

    I need the opinion of the community.

    I am developing my first pay site at .

    I still have an old account with and I also signed up recently with I want to offer Email on my site. offers pop access. includes "zzn" in all their email addresses >>> [email protected]. I do not think that is cool, but I like the POP offered. Also, I wonder if having the POP service would cause visitors to not come back to the site which is one of the reasons to offer the service (that is, visitors will come back to the site to "log in" and get their mail.).

    Should I add the email feature to the site?

    If you think I should add this feature, should it be with or (despite the "zzn" in the Email address)??

    Any and all responses appreciated.

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    To host the email accounts yourself would almost require a dedicated server as this will take up a lot of space. will want you to change your domains nameservers to theirs, so some people that do this usually get the .net version of their domain and use that for their account.
    With all that considered, I think I could live with having the .zzn extension in an email adddress.
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    If your new site is I would suggest the email suffix should be myacen only. Though zzn is very is easy to remember.

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