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    Anybody start part-time?

    I've been toying with the idea of starting down the entreprenuerial trail in the web hosting business. Problem is, I can't give up my day job until the business is producing sufficient income to replace my current salary.

    I don't need much sleep, and my daytime schedule is flexible enough to allow me to deal with major problems during working hours, but "ordinary" support requests would have to wait until off hours.

    So, has anyone made a serious go of it by starting off part-time, or is this pretty much an all-or-nothing type of business (in terms of the effort required to establish a profitable, going concern)?

    Looking forward to the wise responses I know will be forthcoming....


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    We have started part time. My partner and I both have full time jobs, that is were we actually met, he's director of e-marketing and I am the MIS Director/CIO/ or what not.

    It is a busy schedule, but if you can balance your schedule it works. Just because of the nature of my job I am able to leave instant messenger open, check email, do live chat (not implemented but thinking about it) during normal working hours as well.

    Our 800 number is routed through an autoattendant which also directs calls to our individual cell phones or to our home offices when we are there. It is defenitely something that could be started part-time but eventually it will take a lot of time.

    The most important advice I can give you is learn time management and learn how to treat your customers well

    my 2 cents.
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    If you can check the emails,part-time is ok. The point is your can do support.

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