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    Resell Windows accounts or not ?

    Soon i'm strating my own hosting company
    I have a dedicated linux server, we are 3 people (1 sys admin, and another 2 for support and stuff) and
    most of the money goes for the server, there for I dont have money to spend on another Windows server
    I want to resell some Win space, not something big, but it have to be fast and reliable.
    Should I resell or should I wait for some profit and buy A dedicated ?

    if you think that I should resell, what host offer reliable and fast(!) programs ? (20$\month no setup fee)
    Im not looking for sonething big. only for something fast and reliable

    Thanks in advance,

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    * Reseller windows

    MatrixReseller, Weberz

    Let's see it.That look so good.

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    I recommend

    I subscribed with them one month ago, no problems at all... Their support is Very fast and very professional ...

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    In our experience reselling Windows services for 2 years or so, a Windows hosting client can be a much bigger drain on resources...especially a Windows hosting client who is new to Windows hosting themself. My background was originally in Windows so we were lucky in that we didn't have to keep referring to our providers with every single question...which was good because all but one of them took days to answer.

    I wouldn't tack it onto your Products page just for the sake of being able to offer it...because you could end up creating yourself a nightmare.



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