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    n00bie questions about webhosting

    Just some questions I need answered...thanks!

    -What's SSL used for? When and how do I use it?
    -What's SSI used for? When and how do I use it?
    -What's a CGI bin used for? Can I use PHP to acheive the same things?
    -What do I need so people can send email using forms from my website?
    -What's Python?
    -What's the site that monitors how much up time your server has? or something like that?

    Thanks for all the help!!

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    wow those are a lot..but anyways heres a shorter route

    1. secure socket layers help you in transferring data in an Encrypted form. Contact your host for its installation.
    2. Server Side
    4. You need a form mail script. D/L one here

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    excellent!!! Thanks for all the GREAT info!

    *hands over a beer*
    (hope you're legal age...and if not...enjoy! lol )

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    Hey rafiki55, i didnt turn this thread into a fight

    Can you give me a beer also?

    Pretty please?

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    hmmm alright...fine...

    *hands over a pink lemonade cooler*
    For your nice behavior you can have a nice, girly drink! LOL

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    Hmm looks like a party here.. and I'm not invited??

    Gary King

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