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    BlueOx - Now open for buisness.

    My new company (owned by me) is now looking for jobs.
    We are 2 photoshop designers (3years+ exprience)
    Flash ActionScript guru (3years exprience)
    We are a new company and we have no portfoio currently, but it's in building.
    You can view my freelance portfolio meanwhile: .
    I can assure you that you will be happy with us.
    You can reach us in AIM: DerangedBFD ICQ: 127319260 or in Email - [email protected]
    Sincerely yours,
    Yotam Ben-Dror.

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    very awesome vb styles or whatever in there

    nice work man and best of luck with your company

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    Nice work!

    Can you post a price list for the type of jobs you will accept?

    Sam C
    Blue Dog Hosting
    "Your new best friend!"

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    Here We go:
    Basic board plan - header(3d/flash/static)/footer/5 template modding/color scheme - 55$.
    Advanced board plan - header(3d/flash/static)/footer/unlimited template modding(as much as i can mod)/color scheme/hacks/cat bars/software installation(installing the board on your host) - 400$-500$
    Basic site plan - 3 designed pages/sliced to html - 75$
    Advanced site plan - 15 designed pages/sliced to html/year support(adjusments that you want) - 700$
    Platinum site plan - 20 designed pages/sliced to html + coded in asp w/ msSQL and msaccess/year support(adjusments that you want) - 1700$.
    Flash intro - 80$
    Flash Navigator/menu - 55$
    Flash site(actionscript) - 800$
    Logo/header(3d/static/flash) - 55$
    Splash screen - 55$
    also offering custom asp/sql/msaccess scripts.
    also any custom job that isnt listed will be done.

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    nice work..

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    ill join your company. as gfx designer

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    Sorry, but we are not recruiting anymore.

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