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    help with tutorials

    hey I want to start doing a huge tutorial database but not only regular tutorials but video tutorials

    to see what i mean check out

    but anyhow would anyone else be interested in helping me do some of these or be up for offering suggestions as alot of people could possibly benefit from these.

    thanks, Zac

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    are you offering money?

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    That's a neat idea. I wasn't able to actually see anything on the screens. They screen were blurry. Is that they way it's supposed to look?

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    Cool idea.
    I think that if you create a library of video clips that relate to web hosting, you would probably be able to sell them to hosting companies to include in their FAQ or Knowledge Base. It would be a great way to show customers how to do things for their site (cpanel, email, ftp, etc). I know that I would certainly buy something like that for my hosting site.

    I'd love to know the process you use to make the videos. I have a site where I sell software products and it would be fantastic if I could put in some video tutorials on how to use the software. It would be great if you could email me about it.

    On a separate note, I noticed something when I viewed your video on email authentication. In the video, you said that you just have to check off "Requires Authentication" and click OK. I could be wrong, but I always thought that you also had to click on "Settings" and put in your account name and password there as well. Just thought I'd mention that...

    Good luck with this great idea.

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