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    Keep your customers happy

    MYeBOOK has not yet launched its site but we are able to offer you a service NOW!
    See Demo

    Great for FAQ information
    Account user guide or control panel user guide

    Set your self apart from the competition! Our digital brochures are self-contained and can be sent via email, floppy, cd-rom or downloaded from your web page!

    Magazines and Booklets
    Publishing an e-zine or informational booklet is far more effective and saves on printing and postage costs!

    Distribution of your company or organization newsletter can happen quickly.

    MYeBOOK uses the most intuitive PC software to create your electronic message.
    You can distribute content by email, floppy, CD-ROM or from a website in the form of a Digital Web Book..
    They display just like a real book on a PC monitor.
    It is a low-cost, easy-to-use digital publishing solution for all organizations that need to communicate with customers without concerns about Plug-ins or special viewing software on PCs.
    Prices Start at $40* (10 page book with graphics)
    Just upload it to your website and provide a link or the book can be sent by email - no pug in required but we can password protect any book - if you wish.
    You send us the text and graphics we do the rest. 50% deposit is needed before we start your publication. no exceptions!
    Payment taken by credit card through WorldPay.

    Please contact
    Ian Moore @ MYeBOOK
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