Hi, I have a small domain at home.

I recieved a free copy of Windows Server 2003 about 2 years ago, after attending a seminar.

Anyway, I would like to use it, preferably with Active Directory - domain. It has been about a year since I last played with an AD, with all system connected to a wired network.

I have 2 machines and the server, all networked via a router (serving as router, WIFI AP and DHCP server).

One of the machines is a laptop and is connected to the network wirelessly. All machines run Windows Vista Ultimate.

I have W2k3 installed on the server and have created the domain, however, joining the computers to the domain will require the users to logon onto the domain? I would like it so that the users are logged on locally, but also logged onto the domain.

That's one thing, but as the laptop is connected wirelessly to the network. When the computer has booted up, it requires the user to logon to the domain - however, the laptop hasn't connected to the network via wireless yet and this only occurs after logon.

Any ideas to what I should do?

PS. I recieved a copy of Windows Server SBS Edition