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    Question Alternate DNS Query


    what if i have my DNS binded on my first server and i happen to add few more machines using the same DNS on the first server.

    Now the Question is :- What if my first server having the NS for all the other Servers goes down, even though the other server are running fine.

    Comments / Suggestions ??


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    That's where secondary DNS comes in handy How about making each server secondary of the domains hosted on them? or vice versa.

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    To answer your question plainly. If your dns server goes down and everything else is up....people still will not be able to get to the sites or receive email..unless they are using IP addresses rather than names (not likely)

    What we do is we have DNS running on 3 servers. Two in PA and one in TX. All of our domain names...with the exception of a few resellers....are hosted on all 3 servers either in a primary or secondary role.
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