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    Unhappy Hosting Like Everyone Else! Duh!

    My webhost shut me down about 3 days ago. I have been searching for a host since. My favourite that i found so far would be except for the itsy bitsy problem that they use Plesk instead of CPanel. CPanel is a MUST here. I'm looking for a host with:
    • 500 mb Space
    • 25gb Transfer
    • Unlimited mySQL
    • Unlimited POP3
    • Unlimited Subdomains
    • PHP4

    The rest is prettymuch optional, except for the CPanel, the CPanel is a must, and a small prefrence that i had was with the StylusBlue skin.

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    Try posting this over at Web Host Request Forum. No one are quite allowed to advertise in this forum as per Forum Policy and thus may not be able to recommend their service.

    I am pretty sure that you will find responses to your requirement.

    Sorry to hear about your site problem. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    thanks, i'll do that

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    How much are you willing to spend?
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    Originally posted by Myacen
    How much are you willing to spend?
    ya how much?

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    You guys are definitely ing here

    Anyways, good luck on your quest to a better host

    EDIT: ColossalHost's right-click menu gets annoying
    Gary King

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    Better discuss all this in "Hosting Requests Forum"

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