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    ThePlanet and LayeredTech - 4 yrs review

    I have a Win2003 dedicated server w/theplanet since 2004 and a Win2003 Web and FreeBSD server with LT shortly after purchasing theplanet server. I'm leaving the dedicated world and into the colo world. The reason is i like the total control of my server and when something happened to my server. I know i'll work nonstop to fix it and not reinstall OS as the only option. (My win2k3 server got system corruption at LT and th tech told me, OS reload to fix the problem. I know a lot of you thinking having dedicated server gave you a piece of mind or whatever but if OS reload is the only option then i might as well take the risk and run my own server and buy some spare parts in case of server melt down. However, i think it got to do more with LT using whitebox parts because my theplanet's server take a lot of abuse as well from me and it chuck a long just fine since it's Dell's entry level tower server despite having Cellery as CPU while my LT's windows server have P4 w/HT option. Both have 1GB of RAM. I think 1GB is rather limited nowaday. I also like the option of using whatever hardware that i want with my colo server and not paying extra $20 per month for RAM or whatever.) /end rant.

    anyway, here are some pro and con that i hope you guys will find it helpful.


    Pro -
    1. very stable hardware because they use name brand like Dell
    2. good network/tech support
    3. Orbit - one place for everything. love it.
    4. professional service
    5. No price hike since 2004!
    6. they have system in place to alter(email) you if your sever went down. LT have no such thing that i know of.

    Con - not many. Didn't come across anything that piss me off.

    LT (LayeredTech)

    Pro -
    1. good network/tech support

    Con -
    1. Not so stable hardware. They have to replace my FreeBSD server with AMD64. Originally the server have AMD XP. I think they use whitebox parts. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with whitebox parts but they could be using cheaper parts.
    2. too many different login. Encompass, knowledge base for tech support...etc. It will be nice if they have something like Orbit. plus, you have to call them to change your CC and their reason is it is more secure that way but how so? their employee can write down my CC. why do you need human interaction for CC change?
    3. price hike

    This is all i can think of right now. I'm leaving the dedicated world and leaving the comfrot of dedicated provider and going into manage my own server plus the hardware. Hopefully, my server hardware can hold up like theplanet's Dell server.

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    I recently had a server with LT. It was a value priced server. They raised the monthly fee shortly after I started using their service. I'm sure they knew about the price increase when I purchased the server. I would have felt better if I had been give the new price up front.

    The hardware developed issues and became unreliable. I was unable to get it resolved and had to move to another provider.

    Their prices are very competitive. If your needs are critical, you should consider one of their premium packages.

    Their Gridlayer system does look very attractive, I would like to give that a try.


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    I too did experience hardware issue from a LT's reseller by the past and never look back...
    I your guys about the good hardware provided by TP...

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    my server just kept crashing and got hardwares issue aswell.After that i looked for a new provider

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