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    how can i use ftp?

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    Hello mache357, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Easy guide to FTP & File Manager effectively

    Easy guide to FTP & File Manager effectively
    Easy guide to FTP & File Manager
    FTP is the abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. FTP client enables you to upload remotely and easily
    files to your hosting account.
    You can upload your website using any FTP Client or the File Manager inside your hosting Control
    One of the most famous FTP clients are Cute FTP, Crystal FTP, Smart FTP, etc. You can search for one
    through the well-known search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
    The FTP settings are as follows:
    •FTP Host: All FTP Hosts are listed in your Control Panel, FTP Manager section on the bottom of the
    •FTP Username: FTP username(s) are listed in your Control Panel, FTP Manager section;
    •FTP Password: The one you have assigned to your FTP account, for the default one FTP account if
    you haven't changed it, the password is the same as your initial hosting account password;
    To Delete, Rename, Copy or Move files or directories, go Inside your Control Panel simply mark the
    check box corresponding to the file or directory you would like to manage and click the command
    button ( Rename, Copy or Move ).
    To change permissions (CHMOD) of a file or a directory, If you upload with File Manager all
    files/folders are uploaded/created by default with 755 permissions.
    You can change the permissions of your files/folders only via FTP client. Most well-known FTP clients
    with a right click on a file/folder you can find an option for changing file/folder's permissions.
    All php files need 755 permissions to work properly.
    Inside your Control Panel, File Manager section, next to each file there is an icon in the form of a paper
    sheet. Click on the icon to view and edit the files' content, to edit content
    To upload a locally stored document, please observe the following steps:
    1. Browse to the specific directory inside the File Manager where you would like the file to be
    2. Select the file by the 'Browse' button and click the 'Upload File(s)' button.
    if you can' t establish FTP connection, and constantly receive this response '500 Unable to service
    PORT commands'?
    Please enable 'Passive mode' to your FTP client!
    if you feel this information useful,Feel free to share it with friends, upload this content to your website as long as the resources box remain unchanged.


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