Hey, I've been looking for a proxy dedicated server (wouldn't say no to a VPS), which may allow me to sell shoutcast on the side.

I've looked at several places; ovh, vpsbyte, virpus, poundhost and layeredtech.

Ovh is the only one that offers unmetered. Furthermore, bandwidth must be fully upgradeable whenever I like depending on demand from customers.

Anonymous proxies must be allowed. I have clients wanting to host cgi/http proxies.

I want to be able to work my way up from 1mbs unmetered up to whatever value I'd like. Perhaps from 1 to 2, 5, 10, 25 etc. No management.

Cheap processor.
1gb ram.
I do not want cPanel on it, but a control panel is needed (perhaps DirectAdmin or Plesk?)

Location anywhere in the world.

I currently have no budget. But I will just the best value for money service depending on reviews here at WHT.

Any ideas where I should look? Please give suggestions! Thanks in advance.