I am Sreenath V, a linux administrator by profession, located in
India. I am looking forward for providing administration for a firm, which
can offer me a full time or part time employment, related to server

I would like to very briefly mention how would I be an ideal
candidate for such a profession. I have 5 years of versatile working
experience with leading webhosting companies' and data centers' servers. I
am an engineering graduate with a passion to troubleshoot various issues
related to servers. I also have extensive experience in co-ordinating live
installation and troubleshooting works with the On-site staff at NOCs I have worked with. I have also provided serveral consultations on webhosting
business, and have implemented procedures and systems for improving the
existing operations in the companies I have worked with. I was working with
a company providing server administration to many leaders in webhosting.
But, now I am looking for more challenging environment, which demands high
commitment and flexibility, and ofcorse, better results for both parties.

You are free to contact me online and/or replying to this mail for any other inputs needed.

AOL : vsreenath664
MSN : [email protected]
Gmail : [email protected]

Thank You