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    Qwest US Colocation Review

    I've got 16 servers hosted at Qwest in their Sunnyvale 2 DC.
    If you want rock solid network performance, rock solid support and a good Account Manager, give them a go.

    Not cheap, but worth the money.

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    Is that their facility right next to 1380 Kifer (L3)? Or am I thinking of their Sunnyvale 1 DC?
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    Good review. Do you have a domain hosted that you can post?

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    Sunnyvale 2 is 1400 Kifer Road. So it's just up from SunnyVale 1

    I don't have enough posts yet to put a link lol.

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    You can browse:
    The site is not hosted on those servers, but that page is served off them.

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    Moved to the Colo forum.

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    Doh. My bad.

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    Yeah I got a quote from them for $300 per Mbps. I would NEVER pay that much.

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    Ok. I'm not paying anywhere near that much for bandwidth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crashatau View Post
    Ok. I'm not paying anywhere near that much for bandwidth.
    an email i got from them:


    We do not have a Cyber Center in Rapid City SD to house your servers. We do have 15 others around the country that you could use. Basically our arrangement is to sell space based on Full Racks, and occasionally Half Racks, in some areas. I am not sure what your budget is like, but our normal cost for something like this generally starts out around $1,200 per month depending on the Cyber Center. Our BW is measured on the 95th percentile basis. As a general rule, you would see the following cost structure:

    Full Rack $500-700 per month
    Half Rack $400-600 per month
    120v/20A $200-260 per month
    1Mb $300 per month

    I think this might be overkill for what you are looking for, but I would be more then happy to price something out for you if you are interested in other Datacenters. Please let me know.


    (name removed)

    Qwest Hosting Services
    1600 7th Ave, 19th Flr
    Seattle WA 98191

    (phone numbers removed)

    If you wouldn't mind I'm interested how much do you pay?
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    This reply is very late, sorry. But it is $115 per 1 mbps.
    It's Dedicated not shared bandwidth.
    It works out to roughly 36c/GB.
    I'd say 5c/GB roughly is average.

    But thats dual 100mbps Ethernet feeds into the rack with two routers and full redundancy.

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    You're not going to get a good deal on 1Mbps from any provider. My bet is a good portion of that $300 goes to the cross connect and port fees. Ask for >= 10Mbps and I'm sure you'll get a much better rate, especially if you bargain.
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