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    want to start video hosting service

    I been wanting to start a video hosting site. I got the php skills to make it. But i am not sure about servers for stuff like this. I dont want to put 200$ on the table for the first month. And not to many people use. So i dont know where i should start server wise for this. If any one could help make offers stuff like that would be great.

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    I'd buy a small reseller package first (while testing), then just get a VPS or low end dedicated and monitor cpu usage... 2c

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    How much space and bandwidth do you think and do you know any good resellers that i should look at first. This is something that i really want to get in to i am not sure if i want to use overseas servers because people upload to much copy written content.

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    It depends on you. i think like 3-5 GB will be more than enough just for testing. I can't advertise my own services at WHT, though suggest you to avoid the ones who oversell. I'd host where you'd get most of the traffic from, if it's all legit.

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    That amount of space just sounds so small because that could be gone so fast in the middle of testing. I kinda looking for something i can grow with for a bit and then by the time i need to get something with really punch i would have money from ads and stuff like that already.

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    I'd suggest you get a VPS or a dedicated server. If you are planning for a huge video site then get a dedicated server with at least a 80GB hard drive and a few terabytes of bandwidth.

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    Yeah i guess thats a start just trying to budget at first and let it grow with easy dont need any big corporate deals tell i get on my feet.

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