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    Looking for VPS to host flash live chat

    I tried to post this request before but my post got deleted ( I think because I was new to this forum ) hopefully this time it will get posted.

    I bought a flash live chat script which require a dedicated server as they say in the script requirements but I know it would work using a VPS with root access..

    The script can run on both Linux and Windows OS and needs red5 and java

    according to the script designers such site with about 100 users can use about 500GB of data transfer per month but I am not sure if that is true or not as I haven't had the chance to test it.

    I am donating all the expenses as a gift for my church community and looking for help and advise on the best way to host it

    Not sure if I can post the name of the script here or not but if I am allowed I will do that, so you guys can see exactly what I need

    Anyone know about these scripts and how much bandwidth and data they need to run lets say with 200 users

    Thanks to you all

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    That figure sounds a bit off.. That would be 5 GB of transfer per user per month, or 170 MB per day! I can't imagine a mere chat script actually requiring that.
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    Thanks dhelfman for the reply
    The script is designed for real time text, voice and video chat similar to paltalk.
    But I can switch off the video if that would make it use less data transfer...

    So you think these scripts don't use as much bandwidth and data transfer ???

    I appreciate your input..

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    Why don't you install and test it for a month or two to see how much resources it requires?

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    Video and voice would definitely require more bandwidth, so the figure does make more sense in that light. Also, since you're posting this in the VPS forum.. Some VPS providers let you switch between their VPS plans pretty easily, so you could always start with a smaller VPS and then upgrade to a plan with more bandwidth if the need arose.
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    Well if you are wanting to do video, it gets pretty interesting

    I'd guess, maybe 300Kbits/s, 24-48kbps allocated for audio, so 240-250 for video maybe...

    300kbits is almost 38kbytes / second, so 100 users would use 3.8mbits.

    So what, every minute maxing @ 100 users would be 228mbytes, 13.7Gigs an hour...almost 330Gigs for a full day?

    At that point I'd get an uncapped 10mbit dedicated server and let it sit

    However this is, of course, if your wanting to do video, and it does indeed actually get 100 sustained users.

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