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    Question Looking for suggestions good but simple shopping cart

    I have a small business with less than ten products and process my credit cards offline.

    I am looking for suggestions for a simple and easy shopping cart that describes the products and then takes orders.

    Name, address, method of shipping and credit card number/expiration date on a secure SSl certificate site.

    I have looked at

    looks good but still too much stuff.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Try Agora CGI. It can be customized to what you need.

    Email me if you want help setting it up. Maybe we can work out something.

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    Has anyone heard of

    I have just found a service bureau that provides a simple but useful shopping cart.

    It is

    Has anyone heard of it?

    I have tested it and it works quite well. Easy to use.

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    Simple and easy to use shopping cart.

    We have created a small quick and simple shopping cart for our hosting customers, which we have put up on sites for many customers that you might want to take a look at.

    It's up at two brand new websites, and,

    The shopping cart is very simple, displaying a title of the product, an image, description, and allowing the user to add it to their shopping cart. All products are grouped together in categories and once a user has added it to their shopping cart they can continue shopping. The shopping cart figures out taxes, your handling fees, and can figure out shipping costs whether it be by weight or a fixed price.

    We originally made the shopping cart for ourselves with our online ink orders ( where it didn't have any pictures, but have been changing it over and over again to fit our client's needs. It's all made with PHP and back-ended with a mySQL database.

    It has it's own online administration area, where you can edit pages, the categories, and add products.

    You might check it out and let us know if that is what you are looking for, perhaps we can help you out. It's nothing big nor is it that fancy, but for a few products like you are talking about, it might be just what you are looking for.

    Cline Communications, Corp.
    [email protected]

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    Take a look at oscommerce
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    I have a small business with less than ten products and process my credit cards offline.
    I doubt that you will be able to process your cc's offline with 1-shopping cart, you may also be required to get a merchant account and of course the $19.00 to $69.00 per month fee seems a little steep even if they do allow you to process offline.

    Since you have such a small product line have you considered creating html pages to sell your items instead of a whole shopping cart and use a service like to process the order?

    Or a secure order form like the one below?
    allows you to safely retrieve sensitive info so you can process orders offline.


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    Post Solution for you

    I work for doLithe web development, we can create simple shoping and billing system for you.

    visit web development

    doLithe is New Zealand's solution to e-commerce and online media. doLithe
    specialises in creating web based catalogues and retail systems and has proved to be a
    market leader in affordable, reliable solutions.

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    This is the best shopping cart software available.

    It has every possibility possible.

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    Re: Has anyone heard of

    Originally posted by francarlos
    You can have the gal "30-Day Test Drive For Only $3.95!"

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    vpasp shopping cart is in ASP.
    You can also try

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    The best shopping cart software I've found is osCommerce, bit difficult to install, but very easy to setup and manage. If only they had a Russian language pack, I would've stuck with it.

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