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    Cpanel theme (Forgotten password)

    Our hosting clients use cpanel to login to their hosting accounts, however, if they have forgotten their passwords they have no option of having the password set to them, instead they have to contact us.

    How can we set our cpanel so that they can have the passwords resent to them without haveing to go through us. The cpanel x theme doesnt seem to have this option.

    Thank you.

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    It does have the option but you need to enable it under the 'tweak settings' section of WHM. Quite frankly though, the cpanel password reset implementation sends out the password to the cpanel contact on file.

    1. It was at one point exploitable.
    2. Clients rarely ever update their contact information, do it for them.
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    Thanks!! I absolutely dont mind doing that, but when i did it for someone, he preferred to have to do it on his own..

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