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Adore .CC - Matching Soul Mates
Adore .CC
Expires: 11/14/2008
Soul mate seeking community sharing things the people adore and love in hopes of connecting soul mates. Also features a personalized soul mate matching service, free discussion forums, and more to adorn.
Adore, Love, Forums, Soul, Mate, Matching, Adorn, Discussion, Mates, Find, Match
$485 (OBO)
ENGL .Mobi - Mobile English Learning
Expires: 11/16/2008
Mobile English learning. Users can learn, practice, and improve their English (for free) from any mobile device. Find a language partner, lesson plan, and more in discussion forums.
Mobile, English, Learning, Practice, Language, Forums, Mobi
Mobile English Learning Practice Language Forums Mobi
$244 (OBO)
Mobile Expat | Community of Mobile Expatriates
Expires: 11/16/2008
Community of expats (expatriates) around the world who access the Internet from their mobile devices. Features discussion forums, advice, and more.
Expat, Expatriate, Mobile, Discussion, Forums, Travel, Advice, Mobi, Visas
$188 (OBO)
4687 your personal start page
INTR .Mobi
Expires: 11/16/2008
Personal mobile phone start pages.
Personal, Mobile, Phone, Start, Pages, Intr, Internet
$500 (OBO)

The following domains are for sale without content immediately:
Expires: 11/14/2009
$380 (OBO)
Expires: 9/21/2008
$140 (OBO)

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