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    Removing "AntiAbuse" headers

    Hi all. First time poster, long time user.

    I have a customer who is requesting to preferably have the "X-AntiAbuse" mail headers removed from all outgoing messages. I have searched around and found some solutions but none seem to be working for me.

    On top of that, they want all reference to my server name/host to not be included. EG: "Received: from ...."
    Which apparently their previous host did.

    Is anyone able to suggest how I can go about achieving this too?

    Centos 5
    WHM/cPanel 11.18.6


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    I tried using
    primary_hostname = "generic-server"
    in the advanced exim editor provided with WHM but with no success. I was hoping this would at least replace my hostname in the headers with that I defined.

    I also tried using
    but also with no success.

    Please, any suggestions would be great.


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