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    psd to xhtml & css


    We have two requests and maybe one person will be able to handle both...

    1- We have many ongoing projects and currently need a reliable and good xhtml and css slicer. We have a few websites we are developing and our designer only focuses on the psd and we need it to be sliced into xhtml and css. We have one project to start off on, right now we have about three sites we need coded, we will have you quote one, if we like you and communication is good we will use you in the future.

    2- we have a big content web site built in php and is currently xhtml and css however we need the code cleaned up and to make the site run smoother. This is a big project and will probably be an ongoing thing that we will hire you for.

    If you are interested in any of the two, please send me a message with your resume or approx costs and ill send you my messenger name and we can chat more.


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    I am interested in your first option. Is there any samples of your design that needs to be coded?
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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    I am interested to work for you on first option but can do second option also, please have a look my site for psd 2 xhtml conversion: wedoxhtml[dot]com and let me know...

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