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    .: TAKEOVER :. Layeredtech server, 8 cores, 2xSCSI, 4 GB RAM, for $309/mo!


    I have a layeredtech account, with a single server assigned to it. The server specs are:

    Intel Xeon Dual Clovertown (2x4 cores, 1.86 Ghz each)
    4GB RAM
    2x 73GB SCSI drives
    3300 GB monthly transfer on 100Mbit line
    cPanel/WHM w/ Fantastico
    Layeredtech SAVVIS datacenter.

    On layeredtech website, this server costs $500/mo + $50 setup fee.

    On layeredtech, using a current special, a similar server costs $469/mo with free setup.

    I currently pay only $309/mo for this server. It was a special on WHT about 8 months ago. Link:
    The server was the Shakespeare Special 5 with the hard drives replaced by Dual 73GB SCSI, and cPanel added.

    Since I'm paying only about $300 instead of $470-$500, this is a quite inexpensive server.

    Now, I will no longer need it, because I'm getting a smaller one. It was an overkill for me.

    Current payment status for the server
    This server due date is 5th of every month, and it is paid until 5th of June.

    What do I want for transfer of ownership?
    I want $309, one month fee, by Paypal.

    How does the transfer work?
    You will have to pay $25 transfer fee to LT. The full process is explained here:

    How do I reload the OS?
    Layeredtech charges $50 for OS reloads:
    I will not give the server to you without cleaning it up, so you can either:
    - Pay me additional $25, and I'll request the OS reload. I'm requesting less than $50, because this will save me from a lot of private data deletion.
    - Pay LT the reload fee of $50, and I'll "rm -rf" all files in the server right before the transfer.

    So in short:
    You will pay me $334, and I'll deliver you the server with a fresh OS of your choice, and you'll pay LT $25 for server transfer. If LT asks me to pay the $25 transfer payment, I'll request it from you additionally. A total of $359 will be paid by you. And you will start paying for the server on 5th of June.

    I'll deliver the server to you within 4 days after you make me the payment. The 4 day delay is to let me buy my new server, and transfer my websites to it. It can be shorter, like 2 days, depending on the schedule.

    Why do I ask this much amount, even if the server invoice is due after a week of transfer?
    Because the server is normally around $470/mo, and you will only be paying $309/mo. You will make a saving of $160/mo, and your transfer payment will pay off itself in just two months. It will be like a setup fee of $359 for $160/mo savings.

    If you are interested, feel free to post here, or PM me, and we can begin the process as soon as possible.

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